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3 Reasons to Schedule a SocialEye Demo

You can track social media marketing ROI! SocialEye, Overdrive Interactive's end-to-end social media management platform, makes tracking social media ROI easy. Here are three reasons why you should request a SocialEye demo today:

  1. Experience a better way to manage social media that’ll save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  2. See actual examples of tracking and reporting that measure the ROI of social media marketing.
  3. Learn how to easy it is to effectively engage with your social media community.

As soon as you’ve taken a look at SocialEye, you’ll realize just how much time, money and hassle it can save you:

  • With SocialEye, you can write, schedule and publish content to the most popular social media channels from a single, secure environment.
  • SocialEye helps you track your social media marketing performance – likes, shares, comments, etc. – with the same level and accuracy as everything else you do online.
  • In SocialEye, you can visualize the number of fans, followers and subscribers you have on all your social media channels.
  • From SocialEye, you can engage – like, favorite, retweet, reply, etc. – directly with your social media audience.
  • SocialEye allows you to privately escalate a comment from a fan, follower or subscriber to another member of your team for feedback.